The Road to Hell

Deader in the Night

Monday, May 24th, 2094

After handily defeating the small band of river pirates, the posse checked them over for loot and took some time to recover from the fight and tend to their wounds. Once things settled down, the posse was invited to a council of war by the Sheriff to try and determine the best course of action for dealing with the menace. Also in attendance were the town’s engineer and the sheriff’s deputy.

Most everyone agreed that leading a frontal assault on the pirates’ riverboat would be unwise. Some suggested just fortifying the town further and trying to wait them out. Nova thought the boat might have been stolen from the River Watch, and suggested trying to enlist their help. Mr. Tinsdale suggested that it seemed likely the pirates had a large store of black powder aboard their ship, and that with the little C4 he had left, he could manufacture a bomb to set off the powder store and then likely sink the ship. Suggestions were debated, but in the end it was thought that the first step was finding the ship, so it was agreed that scouts would be sent out in the morning to try and find the pirates’ location.

Just as the meeting was wrapping up, it was rudely interrupted by the sound of a rifle shot from the direction of the scrapyard, quickly followed by two rings of the alarm bell…and then silence. Everyone immediately scrambled from the room, with the exception of Nova who hid herself in a closet for awhile. The Sheriff and her Deputy took a boat out to the guard tower nearest the scrapyard, fearing another pirate attack. Alt, Red and Deuce Haust headed over the walkways to the scrapyard building. Finding the lights out, the slipped cautiously inside. After some fumbling around in the dark, they heard footsteps on the second floor, then the smashing of a window and a sploosh as something hit the water outside the building. Running up, they found a body lying near a smashed out window in the dark. Deuce lurked in the shadows keeping an eye on the rear, while Alt started hauling the body out and Red took up watch at the window, waiting for a swimmer to surface. Red took a few shots, but didn’t seem to hit anything.

It was around that time when Nova finally caught up with the group, this time wielding two knives and talking…oddly. There was some confusion as people were unsure who was who in the dark, but eventually things calmed down. It was then that Luke revealed himself and came out of hiding – he claimed to have been the only one in the building when he heard the rifle shot and alarm bell, and that when he heard someone enter the building he killed the lights and hid. Safe now, Luke reconnected the lights.

Once again having illumination, the party could see the body as the deceased Henry Johnson – one of the recyclers Tinsdale sent out a few days ago, and who had not yet returned. He appeared to have had his internal organs removed, and Deuce concluded that this had been done during an autopsy – not something that most corpses get now-a-days, especially when they go missing in the Hell Swamp! Deuce even found a toe tag on the corpse, but when he bent to remove it, the corpse suddenly sprang to life and lunged for him!

Deuce lost his normally steely silent composure, let out a scream, and struggled to get away. Alt looked white as a sheet and fumbled to pull out his crowbar as the corpse tried to chew on the doc. Red seemed similarly startled, but managed to hold his ground and open up on the thing with his assault rifle – busting its leg and blowing several holes clear through its chest, but without really slowing it down. Finally, Nova re-entered the fray, stabbed the thing twice in the head, and it went down in a heap.

Not too long after, the Sheriff came in and got the story on what had happened, while she related that the guard tower had been found empty – the guard’s rifle lying abandoned. She was certainly put aback by the mention of Johnson’s status as one of the walking dead. Tinsdale was found and joined the discussion soon after, confirming that he had sent Johnson and his partner to look for medical supplies. This matched with the toe tag Deuce had found, which had the initials “BRMH” at the bottom – Tinsdale though Baton Rouge Municipal Hospital wouldn’t have been the first on the recycler’s list, but it was definitely possible they had visited it. By then it was getting late, and the Sheriff needed to get on remanning the guard towers, doubling the watch, and otherwise alerting the rest of the town. Nova seemly was back to her normal self, and none of the posse was injured, meaning they could retire for the evening and attempt to get some sleep.

In the morning, Tinsdale sent his recyclers out to scout for the pirates’ boat. The posse debated on seeking out BRMH immediately, but the sheriff asked them to stay for the moment in case the pirates came back that day – to delay until the next day, at the very least, to see what the scouts found. Around nightfall, the scouts came back and reported they had found the pirates’ riverboat about ten miles to the southwest, near an old interstate overpass. It appears the boat was temporarily immobilized – hung up on the wreck of the old CSS Kidd, an old warship and floating museum before the Big Bang. The Sheriff proposed a plan to the posse – while the pirates were distracted and immobilized, they take in explosives provided by Mr. Tinsdale and set off the powder stores of the pirate ship. After brief consideration, the posse agreed.

After getting a couple hours of sleep in preparation for the night mission, the posse assembled at the pontoon boat that would take them out to the steamboat. Mr. Tinsdale looked a little bit wistful as he handed them a stick of C4 wired up with an old gold pocketwatch, and explained to them how to start the five minute timer on the bomb. With one of Tinsdale’s recyclers to guide the boat, the posse climbed and and started out of the town and glided across the darkened waters towards their objective…


The only people who endured the Fall to today are survivors – not heroes. Many were faced with unimaginable challenges and many of the ‘brave and the bold’ types either died or gathered in numbers in placed like Denver. The rest of us did what we had to in order to survive in small groups or entirely solo.

I have always had problems with the supernatural. As an educated doctor of medicine, my perspective is naturally founded in science. Mystical matters unnerve me.

The walking dead are a perfect example. As a doctor, I learned to mentally deal with cadavers in a certain way. As humans, we have a natural aversion to the dead. It takes dedication and discipline to overcome that instinct to the point that we can deal with things professionally.

When the dead become undead, I am doubly struck on an emotional level. Like everyone else, the dead walking appalls me. However, I am also struck by their unscientific nature. The preparation and discipline that went into making myself accustomed to cadavers rapidly crumbles in the face of the hungry dead.

I’m a survivor – not a hero or a fighter. My appearance and demeanor are carefully crafted extensions of this.

Through Nova’s actions, I have learned that the Librarians of Sacramento have also developed new tools to deal with the challenges of our dreadful world. At first, it was odd to witness her projected personality. After some thought, I concluded that our motivations are similar. Perhaps we are not so different.

I must keep an eye on Alt and Red. They seem honest enough folks. Perhaps they will be resistant to Kreg’s apparent bloodthirstiness as time wears on.

-Doctor Deuce Haust

Deader in the Night

File Selected
Working… Working… Working…

[Captain’s Log – Star date May twenty fourth, twenty ninety fourth. Okay, I’m no captain, nor am I James T. Kirk, but I wish sometimes I was. I’m jealous of the classic flying double-footed kick he can pull off. The captain part, well, maybe sometimes I wish I was. In an ideal situation I’d be in front leading a merry band of like-minded individuals to beat down a bunch of the biggest baddest creepy crawlies out there, and helping people out here and there. Giving people some hope. I can honestly say, though, that I’ve known this life to be everything but ideal.

So, enough of the filler banter I know you folks back home will love to sort through! Luckily there is about a fifty-fifty that you’ll be listening to this while I’m alive and well, snoring away in a bunk. More’s likely that I’m manitou fodder… not that I want to remind myself. Damn.

(muffled silence for half a minute, then resumes)

So. All the cats are out of my bag. Almost. A deader got dropped off in the middle of the night here in Red Stick with some kind of marking on a tag tied to the foot (see attached image). I had already taken the time to channel Arry. It had been a while since we’d gone for a run together so I felt shakey, well, we felt pretty shakey – we reacted pretty guntrigger to the spooky shit hitting the fan. Doc managed to sneak up on us in the dark and I’m quite confident we took a slash at him. No good, no good at all, but once I get a proper description of him down you’ll understand why. Creepy. Like, these creepy hands, all sharp fingered, super dead pan expression, kind of… and the poetry. Not the creepiest of our bunch, but maybe if you forgot the not so pretty mugs of our mutie mates, he might be a contender.

Back to the plan – plan A is to blow up the river pirate’s ship. Not sure if it is Elvira’s crew and the stolen River Watch boat yet… I’d be sad to waste a good ship, but it’s better to take it out and hopefully take some of it’s people along with it. Red Stick folk seem like a nice enough lot, and I think that if these pirates do have something to do with screwing over the Watch they’re a lot more carelessly dangerous then I care to ponder. I’ll report back with an update, if I don’t, you know where my body’s at.]

Deader in the Night

I never could handle funerals seeing a dead body was creepy enough then seeing one without his organs getting up and chasing the doc to much to handle all I could do is stand there in fear and watch my allies scamble to deal with it on top of Nova thinking she was someone else who accused me of killing the body in the first place. wow those librarians are full of suprises it was good to hear her talk about what she was opening up about how valueble her palmcorder was to her. Given what her mission is I can see why. And now our mission I am not sure how to feel about it. we are to run in and plant a bomb in the riverboat some how and run away some how it seams like a waste to destroy the boat and maybe kill everyone on board. well at least I have the bomb for now not sure how this is going to work. But I have to do this for my friends.

Deader in the Night
WadeL WadeL

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