This southern city was hit by a “Ghost Rock” bomb during the war. In a 5 mile radius covering the center of the city is a ring of spirits (see: ghost wall). This ring deters all but the most hardened scavengers. Though the radiation is high and the path difficult this does not mean that the city is unoccupied. All documented inhabitants of Lafayette are hostile and extremely dangerous. This city is high irradiated.


In the area of the ghost ring is a church occupied by a clearly hostile and militant group. The windows are boarded and surrounding the building are spikes with human body part strung up on them. Avoid at all costs.
Gun Store
Near the center of the city is a gun store. From the front is is welded shut and completely sealed. There is a entrance through the back alley. Occupying the Gun Store is a group of cannibalistic mutants about 15 in number. They use the Gun Store as shelter from the other inhabitants of Lafayette, as well as a lure for scavengers. They lure the unsuspecting scavengers in and then eat them and steal their belongings. Avoid at all costs.
City Hall

Located at the very center of the blast zone and for some unknown reason this building was unaffected by the approximately 18 kiloton bomb that detonated directly above it. This building has a very high radiation due to it’s proximity to the blast site. In the the basement of the building is a sealed bomb shelter. All signs indicate that the inhabitants died during the blast. It is evident, due to the bodies stacked out side the door, that the military had used deadly force to commandeer the bomb shelter in the events before the blast. This building is largely untouched and is a excellent place to salvage supplies.

Occupants of City


The Wall-Crawler is a deadly mutated animal that resembles the combination of a chameleon, a …. and a ….. Over 15 ft long and at least 500 lbs, this beast is a deadly force to be reckoned with. It uses camouflaging abilities to blend into the bleak landscape, coupled with a remarkable ability to climb any terrain to get as close as it can to it’s prey before using it’s great speed to pounce on it’s victim. Avoid at all costs.


There is at least one group of mutants in the city. The most prominent ones are the “Gun Shop” group. They are cannibalistic and will do anything they can to separate you from your belongings. Avoid at all costs. Possible other mutants in the “Church”.

Unknown Flying Beast

This beast has yet to be completely documented as few have seen it and survived. It is said to have a wing span of up to 15ft and flies at very fast speeds. Possibly makes a screeching sound. Further documentation is needed. Avoid at all costs.


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