A young man with quick fingers, sharp mind, and a winning smile


5’ 10", 165 lbs, Wiry build, quick fingers, short spiked hair, fleet of foot. Age: 20

d12 Cognition 3 d8 Deftness 1
Artillery Bows
Filchin 3
Arts Lockpickin’ 2
Shootin’ 3
Scrutinize Pistols, Shotguns
Search 3 Sleight o’ Hand 3
Trackin’ Speed Load
d6 Knowledge 4 Throwin’
d12 Nimbleness 1
Area Knowledge 2 Climbin’ 1
Home County Dodge 2
Blastin’ Drivin’ 1
Demolitions Motorcycle
Disguise Fightin’ 2
Language 2 Knives
English Jumpin’ 1
Medicine Ridin’
Sneak 2
Professional Swimmin’ 1
Science d6 Quickness 4
Quick Draw 1
Trade 2 d6 Strength 3
Con Artist d8 Vigor 2
d4 Mein 4
Animal Wranglin’ Edges n’ Hinderances
Leadership Light Sleeper 1
Overawe Fleet Footed 2
Performin’ Curious -3
Greedy -2
Persuasion 2 Outlaw -2
d10 Smarts 1
Bluff 2
Scroungin’ 2
Streetwise 2
Survival 1
d4 Spirit 2
Guts 2 Bounty 0

Lee was young when the bombs dropped. Within a few year after the war Lee lost all contact he had left with his remaining family and was forced to fend for himself on the streets. He quickly picked up the skills it takes to thrive off the underbelly of society, trusting no one and kept everything he had to himself. Starting with pickpocketing he soon moved on to fast and dirty street scams. The skills of con artistry came naturally to him.

Eventually it was inevitable he would be caught. Quickly fleeing town is a skill that has become quite useful.


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