The Road to Hell

"One thing I never could stand about the post-apocalyptic wasteland..."

The posse went exploring inside the ruins of the old apartment complex, finding the remains of many muties, killed like so many others they had seen. The complex was not entirely abandoned, however – on the top of it, they found their supposed sniper. After a tense conversation, they worked out she was Dr Jean-Marie Seward – and she was looking for the same people they were.

From the top of the apartment building, Lee managed to spot a line of street that had seemingly been cleared…as well as glimpses of whatever it was that Jack had summoned. The posse decided to make a bee-line towards the parts of downtown that were made accessible by the cleared roadways.

Once they got there, they found an old stone warehouse-looking building that seemed a likely candidate – especially since its entrance seemed to have been secured. After some clambering around, they cut their way in and found the interior was an old strip joint. They briefly scanned, and then managed to find their way down into the basement.

Proceeding cautiously into the dark, it didn’t take long for all hell to break loose as fanged creatures that were once men, with bat ears, bald heads, and sharp claws came running for them. The posse beat a fighting retreat, but these creatures were incredibly hard to put down. The worst of them seemed more or less human except for the fangs, and moved impossibly fast, pursuing them back up the stairs as they retreated.


good we are getting away from that thing. I am in no hurry to face of something like that. It even through Emily off guard when i asked her to give it a look. We should leave now and find something to grab and get out. this sucks the radiation is getting to me.

WadeL WadeL

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