The Road to Hell

Lee's Last Stand

The posse was now pretty convinced they were fighting vampires. Some of them went down relatively easy, though they didn’t exactly die. One of them just kept coming – the one that was faster and more human than the others – even as the posse fought a retreat back to where they came from. The posse almost fought free and then, standing outside in the daylight, Lee poked his head back in to try and fire off another shot…and got gutshot for his troubles. He was pulled free by the rest of the posse, who beat a hasty retreat.

They didn’t go far – they couldn’t afford to, with so many of them wounded. They found a collapsed retail store, and Red went to work on Jack’s injuries while Dr Jean-Marie Seward settled into what was looking like a long surgery to see if she could patch Lee back together. With Project 32 meditating, Jack and Red decided to wander off to go scavenging in the hour left before sundown while Seward continued to work hard on Lee.

When they returned, Lee was gone. Originally Seward claimed Lee had slipped out without her knowledge, but then admitted to 32 that Lee had asked her to let him slip away, and she had acquiesced. With dusk quickly approaching, Seward, 32 and Jack decided to hoof it as far as they could before finding a place to shelter for the night, while Red was nowhere to be see.

The night passed uneventfully for the others, aside from a few muffled shots off in the distance near sundown, and another barrage of automatic gunfire sounds in the early morning. Come dawn, Lee did not return, and the posse made their way free of Shreveport, heading towards Bluebird Hill where the doctor had originally came from…


damn that idiot we knew something was inside but he had to blow out the door with a shotgun when i was grabbing for the handle. damn that idiot and when i help pull him out of the clusterfuck he goes running back in. thank god the stupid git fucked off and i hope i don’t see him again.

Lee's Last Stand
WadeL WadeL

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