The Road to Hell


The posse had managed to fend off the Nosferatu attacking Bluebird Hill, but not without cost – the bloodsuckers had taken away several of the remaining residents, leaving the town in even worse shape than it had been previously. Concluding that chasing after those taken was impossible, and remaining in the town was infeasible, the posse instructed the locals to pack up – they were going on the road.

The next day, the posse and the townsfolk started heading south on I-49, with Natchitoches or Fort Alex as the end goal. Going was slow, seeing as they had a group consisting largely of children and the elderly, not all of whom could walk. They passed by a recent battleground, scorched from a large explosion, and handily dispatched the walkin’ dead who lurked nearby. The black rain that came upon them a week into the trip caused more panic than the dead, but through the heroics of Emily and Project 32 everyone got through it alive.

Real worry happened when a few bikes sporting armed men spotted the little group and then sped away after being fired upon by Samuel Koch, only to return a few hours later accompanied by a technical and several well-armed men. There were some tense moments, but negotiations were opened and it turned out they were a trading convoy of Ravenites. After talking with their leader, Jesse Taken-Away, the posse arranged for the Ravenites to take their load of refuges on to Fort Alex in return for payment.

Thus unburdened, the posse made considerably better time. Just two days later, they found themselves once again wandering into pristine Natchitoches


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