The Road to Hell

Something Wicked

Upon spotting what might be a distant sniper, Lee dove for cover, and urged the rest of the posse to follow him. The sniper threat never seemed to materialize, however, and so the posse got to searching the abandoned community center their assailants had emerged from. They found the place was a mess, and had clearly been lived in for some time. Tons of scavenged pill bottles, broken syringes, and empty packages from a wide variety of drugs were found, and there were only a scant few that hadn’t been completely consumed. Perhaps more disturbing was a corpse in a bathroom that looked like it had been attacked, possibly by whatever had killed the muties they’d found the previous evening.

After catching their breath a little, the posse got on the move again, moving towards the apartment building where Lee had spotted the sniper previously, yet trying to stay out of the sniper’s line of fire. Along the way, they came across a burned out house – hardly unusual, except that the fire seemed to be recent. Inside, they found more corpses and signs of a struggle, including two children in the basement.

Continuing on, the posse came to the sunken ruins of the interstate. Crossing it would leave them exposed, so they decided to do so in pairs. Project 32 and Lee went first…and they seemed to freak out in the middle of the interstate, at least to the observing Red and Jack. Once they finally got across, Jack and Red quickly followed – though they had a few issues with the rope. Red, in particular, had a hard time getting up over the retaining wall on the far side…just when Lee and Jack saw some shambling forms running down the interstate towards him.

Jack leveled his plasma pistol and took a shot and…something happened. The burst of energy didn’t seem to so much impact the ground as go through it, and then something tried to force its way out. There was a haze of energy over it that rendered it impossible to see details, but whatever it was reached out a massive hand to scramble for purchase, almost casually crumpling a car in the process.

Needless to say, the posse high-tailed it.

It was mid-afternoon by the time the posse found the apartment building Lee swore he saw someone on top of earlier. It was surrounded by a fence of debris and torn down fencing, and inside that perimeter a couple of bodies lay. The posse double-checked their weapons, formed up, and then headed in…


God damned everything! Fuck! Ok, ok, need to cool off. This place, it’s got a bit of a mind of its own, playing tricks on me. Something about that interstate just wasn’t right, that semi drove straight at Lee, but once it got caught up on that barricade, it looked like it had been there forever. It just isn’t right. Now we are heading to a sniper hole to hopefully find some friendly company. I’m not quite sure about Red, he doesn’t seem to be in the right place today.

Something Wicked

I knew it was posible considering it’s how the stuff works by forming a connection with the hunting grounds but damn it I an never using a junk tool in a ghost storm again. And i have no idea what it is I can only hope that it gets pulled back into the hunting grounds.and we are still alive despite the horror we seen which is good to see. I want to get out of here

Something Wicked
WadeL WadeL

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