The Road to Hell

Trailer Trash

The posse ran into Emily again not long after passing through the ghost storm surrounding Shreveport, and informed her of what they suspected had befallen Lee. With heavy hearts, the posse continued to move toward Bluebird Hill.

They were tromping along Barron Road near nightfall when Emily spotted that the church they had sheltered in before appeared to be occupied. Approaching closer, she found it was a single lone traveler who had set up camp there, and after a cautious approach, the posse introduced themselves and the man, Samuel Koch, invited them in to spend the night. Seems he had just come from a survivor settlement near Thibodaux or, at least, what was left of it. Comparing notes with the posse, it did indeed seem that Thibodaux had been wiped out by the same vampire-like creatures as the posse had found in Shreveport, and Dr Jean-Marie Seward confirmed that Thibodaux had reported abductions and raids before the same had befallen Bluebird Hill.

Come morning, Koch joined the posse in traveling to Bluebird Hill – he had been heading there when they found him. The posse continued down Barron Road, passing by Bluebird Hill airstrip before coming upon Buena Vista RV & Trailer Park – which had been turned into a nice little fortified compound by circling many of the trailers. They were hailed by an elderly woman on the roof with a shotgun, and Dr Seward led the posse in, introducing them to an old man in a wheelchair, Felix Abbotaway, who was what passed for leadership at Bluebird Hill. Seemed most of the young and strong had already been killed or taken by what the posse now suspected were Nosferatu, leaving the settlement with less than two dozen inhabitants, mostly old men, old women, and children.

The posse explained the situation as best they could, and threw down their hats to offer to help. Sensibly, Felix largely stepped out of the way to let the posse organize the defense. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the posse spent some time that first day fashioning crosses out of debris, and spent a long and somber watch on top of the trailers, staring out into the darkness, but that night the creatures did not come. The next morning, Alt put himself into a strange trance, surrounding himself with the crosses, while Emily and Red headed out to inspect a nearby church, which they found in greater disrepair than the Barron Road church.

The posse settled in for another long night of watch as the sun set once more, some perhaps hoping the creatures would come quickly, others perhaps wishing a confrontation could be put off another night. The former would get their wish – in the middle of the night, the first of the creatures swarmed out of the darkness, encircling Emily as she lay in the brush outside the compound, and jumping up and onto Red as he took a break from watch-standing to relieve himself. Battle was joined.


so i didn’t watch a lot of old monster movies, so my only hope is that they don’t glitter in the light and it burns them. we set up a couple of crosses and did a prayer session hopefully that keeps them at bay. I am going into the network to download the power of light hopefully that heplps and will be useful later.

Trailer Trash
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