The Road to Hell

The Battle of Bluebird Hill

Several Nosferatu came streaming over the walls. The posse turned an ungodly amount of firepower on them in turn, of course – Red and Samuel Koch opened up with their assault rifles, while Project 32 let loose a barrage of syker attacks. (Jack, for his part, was still in some kind of crazy trance he didn’t shake til halfway through the fight)

The posse’s attacks seemed to slow the Nosferatu down, but didn’t put them down permanently. Sometimes the vamps would seem utterly unphased, and at best they’d be put down for a few seconds before gathering their wits and leaping back up to attack. The head vampire was seemingly off chasing Emily through the bush, while the more feral vamps started trying to drag whoever was at hand back out of the Bluebird Hill compound and into the darkness. The elderly defenders put up a valiant fight, but it wasn’t long before several were grabbed and being hauled, kicking and screaming, out into the night.

Things weren’t going well for the humans in this nighttime battle… After emptying his rifle into a Nosferatu with little effect, Sam was grabbed by the creature and started being dragged off…but not before a stray attack of 32’s almost tried to pull Sam’s ribcage out. 32 wasn’t faring much better, being taking a slash across the arm that led to profuse bleeding and him collapsing, clutching it… Jack seemed unable to get into a position to make an accurate attack, and Red was being forced back on the defensive even as most of the creatures started leaving with their prey.

Cornered on top of an RV by one of the Nosferatu, Red found himself out of ammo and so quickly pulled out his hatchet, ready to go down swinging. In an act of desperation, he aimed for the thing’s neck, hoping to lop its head off… In a series of grisly blows he struck at the thing while it tried to rip his face off before he finally succeeded in decapitating it…and then the thing fell back, convulsing, as it appeared to boil in its own blood before settling down into a mess of unmoving gore. It appeared he had finally been able to kill one of the damned things.

Meanwhile, Sam and 32 were both in danger of being dragged off by Nosferatu. Red and Jack managed to scare off the one that had been about to disappear with the moaning and defenseless form of 32, before Red sprinted after Sam. Sam was already on the ground outside the computer, almost vanished into the night, though still struggling. Red leaped down to go to work with his hatchet, and as the surprised Nosferatu released him, Sam smashed a vial of holy water in its face. The water didn’t seem to do much damage, but it definitely had an effect, and combined with Red’s hatched, the vamp was persuaded to flee off into the darkness.

The survivors surveyed the damage and bandaged their wounds. Three more of Bluebird Hill’s occupants had been dragged off into the night, which only left three residents who were fit to fight, plus the posse. It was settled that the people would have to move before the Nosferatu came back, at least temporarily. Come morning, they started packing…


the crosses were useless…great and the fuckers are fast. when i came out of my trance all I say was chaos. Bodies, screaming, we were just a burning building away from every town i ever failed saving. well we should try to get these people to safety maybe los nacho’s or fort alex will take them… I hope

The Battle of Bluebird Hill
WadeL WadeL

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