The Road to Hell

That's a mighty big axe you have there...

Having fled from the onslaught of the bots that slew Samuel Koch and Project 32, Red and Jack were found in the middle of the road to Natchitoches when Emily came looking for them. They seemed…disjointed. Confused. Idiotic, even. Much of what they said made very, very little sense, the two having seemed to have inexplicably lost all mental capacity, nevermind the ability to describe what had happened.

Emily, for her part, had not returned from her scouting alone – she’d found a trader and his bodyguard along the road (todo later – insert descriptions/names of new characters!), and convinced them of the safety in numbers. They seemed rather dubious when confronted by the lunacy of Jack and Red, but decided they were going into Natchitoches anyway, so might as well check it out. Emily stripped out of her power armor and donned Red’ lighter combat armor, and joined them. Their trip to Natchitoches was uneventful – Chuck never even came out of the town hall, saying they didn’t need anything other than gasoline. The would-be traders turned around and left.

When Emily and her new friends returned, she found Red and Jack not only confused, but positively paranoid about the plants in the area. She finally managed to squeeze the story of what happened out of them, and eventually the posse decided to head back in and give the town what-for.

They started out by taking a pot shot at one of the security cameras…and then shooting at a chopbot as it came out to repair the camera. A few minutes later, the chopbot was joined by a much bigger security bot – which promptly started launching grenades(tear-gas), and shooting bullets(rubber) and shotgun slugs(beanbag rounds) at the posse as Emily tore into it at range with her rifle all the while the man with the big axe was charging forward. By the time he reached the security bot, it had already taken a hell of a beating from Emily’s fire, and with a few blows from his massive axe he managed to disable the thing – which promptly exploded.


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