The Road to Hell

Into the Storm

Most of the posse weathered the passage through the stormwall well, but Jack passed out during the transition and had to be carried in by Project 32. A good lesson on why one should never try to pass through a ghost storm by oneself. The posse found the interstate they’d been traveling on broke off abruptly not long after it entered the hellish landscape, and after some debate Lee tied a rope and descended to start exploring, the rest of the Posse struggling to catch up.

Just as night was about to fall, the posse found the semi-intact remains of an old hospital. Thinking they might find loot or shelter there, they clambered in through the second floor and took to exploring. It wasn’t long before they started finding the old and bloodless corpses of several muties – and then a whole room, what was once a dormitory, filled with the slain mutants. The stench of death was overwhelming but, faced with quickly growing darkness outside, the posse tried to find a secure room inside the hospital and settle down for the night. The only thing that broke their sleep was the thrashings of Red as his nightmares took hold of him, a situation that almost got out of hand but which was handled quickly by 32.

As soon as it was light enough outside to move, the posse got to exploring again, guided by the reports of Lee who had climbed to the highest point of the hospital to take a look around. Their explorations took them into a less damaged area of Shreveport, where they spotted a few odd figures lurking in the shadows of a community center. The posse approached and tried to start up some peaceful dialog, but it wasn’t long before the strange men and women attacked in a crazed state. Once they got up close, the fact that their fingertips had all been replaced by needles became apparent – and, unfortunately, the posse was able to experience their superhuman strength, too.

But the strange needlehanded folk fought without strategy or tactics, and soon they were all dead or dying. The posse breathed a sigh of relief. Until Lee spotted someone with a rifle on a distant roof…


Ugg not feeling to well the dr. pepper was the best thing i had in years. not getting a lot of good stuff but the bodies are distracting to say the least In one area entire areas covered with the dead all more or less intact I feel like my arms are going to fall off after making sure nothing else is going to happen. I stopped counting how many heads i shattered after 30. I want to grab some stuff and split thats all.

Into the Storm
WadeL WadeL

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