The Road to Hell

Another Death for Dr. Delacroix

Wednesday, May 26th, 2094

After making the gruesome discovery of the autopsy recording, the posse continued to search BMRH. On the first floor about the water, they mostly found patients’ rooms that had been largely stripped, though they did find a few medical supplies in a closet. Eventually, they headed on up to the next floor, the second from the top.

It looked like that floor had once been ICU rooms, along with an operating theatre. Of course, half of the wall of the hospital was missing now, so a large portion of the floor’s functions were probably now disguised as piles of rubble in the swamp. Kreg spotted watery tracks on the ground, and the group saw they split off in a few directions. Kreg and Red tracked them into a surgery prep area, where they found bodies stacked like cord wood – mostly dead river pirates, it seemed. Predictably, upon investigation a couple of the corpses got up and attacked, but they were quickly put down.

The posse then moved into the operating theatre… As Kreg pushed open the door, they came face to face with Delacroix himself – now hideously twisted and clearly dead, and in the middle of performing an autopsy. To make things worse, the observation level of the operating theatre was stacked with an audience of bloated corpses who shortly began to shamble down at Delacroix’s command to destroy the posse.

It was a hard-fought battle, but our heroes eventually destroyed the bloats, but not before Delacroix decided discretion was the better part of valour and turned to flee. Perhaps the fact that Deuce kept sneaking up behind him and slashing him while Delacroix was occupied trading barbs with Nova helped make up his mind to make a run for it. Kreg gave chase, barely catching the doctor before the doc could dive into the water where the posse would have a hard time following. Kreg paid for his heroics, however, as the doctor’s slashing scalpel incapacitated him while others were trying to catch up.

Badly outnumbered, Delacroix would just not give up the fight – even with his head blown most of the way off. Eventually the posse figured out the key to Delacroix’s invincibility – he wore the same toe tag that all of the other corpses he had animated wore. Red managed to cut it off the undead doctor, and Delacroix finally collapsed…dying for the second and, hopefully, last time.


The following is scribbled on a piece of water logged paper. The ink is blurred in some places, and there are a couple fingerprints that look to be painted in something resembling blood. It reads:

SHIT GODDAMN! YES! I have a story to tell, I just feel it! I have to start documenting what happened so it can be a super great story that Red Stick will remember. Hell, the whole area can remember this – we took down what I think was a servitor. I can’t believe I didn’t put two and two together when we fought it. Some deaders have manitous that ‘live’ in different areas of their body then the usual – their head. We ripped through this Dr. Delacroix’s limbs several times before we thought to remove the tag on his foot – how stupid of me not to think of it – and he dropped once Red snipped it off. Kreig did an incredible job of stopping the Servitor from reaching the water, where we would have lost him after all the hard work we put in. He’s hurt pretty bad though. The Doc’s arm is pretty mangled too. I wish I could help out a lot better then my measly first aid.

I think the others are going to search the place for loot. I hope we can recover the diving equipment… I’m going to stick with the injured and hold down the fort till we can get the hell out of here.

Delacroix is dead, but this place is still full of his evil. It’s damn creepy.

Another Death for Dr. Delacroix

Fucking hell this hurts… miserable fuck cut my chest up real bad. Well at least he’s dead again, and I’ll make sure that sac of shit never gets back up. Argh, this is real bad, fucking knife hands.

*after an hour

Shit, I’ve never been that scared in my life. Nearly a dozen corpses coming at us, a crazier doctor that Duce. Christ I don’t know what’s scarier, the dozen corpses or the knowledge that there are people out there crazier that Duce, but I guess I shouldn’t judge the man. Whatever he gave me was good idea, it was like I could keep fighting and never get tired… but I guess it caught up to me eventually, I’ll have to go easy on that stuff. Ah shit, gotta rest…

Another Death for Dr. Delacroix

First off, there will be no more heroics from me. I nearly lost a hand in that stupid fight with the zombie lord. I will be no good to anyone without my head or my hands. Hopefully I have proven my worth to the group and I can now focus on things I am better equipped to deal with besides surviving combat.

The damage to my left arm is considerable. I hope Red or Nova is up to the task of following my instructions to tend to the lacerations. I cannot risk infection so will be careful with my antibiotics and vigilant on the progress of the healing process.

I am feeling the side effects of some of the combat drugs I took prior to confronting the insane doctor. I do not anticipate any long-term damage from using them but I have heard of unfortunate individuals who had.

We have been underpaid for dealing with this zombie lord. The whole thing may make for good fireside story time but going through the experience is not worth a few bullets’ pay.

All I can hope for is to salvage some medical equipment from this dilapidated hospital. Whatever we dig up will certainly need to be sterilized.

Another Death for Dr. Delacroix

Wow … just wow. A undead docter a swarm of deaders and we beat,em holy crap I have never expected to hold a 7 foot corpse from running away before. And most of us are in one peice still the doc got chewed up while attacking Delecros while he was making another zombie, Kreig is also wounded I must say It scares me to see that something can damage him. But while standing over the deaders and the docter the only thing I could think about was "Damn this is good scotch the last time I had this was 15 years ago. I got so drunk I could not look at it without feeling sick. " but look at me getting all nestalgic. Going to do a quick search of the hospital and then heal in Baton Rouge for a couple days then we should see about getting the hell out of this swamp. I don’t think I will have a hard tme suggesting that.

Another Death for Dr. Delacroix
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