The Road to Hell

Hell or High Water

Sunday, May 23rd, 2094

After several days of wandering the Louisiana Hell Swamp, our wasters wandered into the picked over ruins of Port Allen. Glad to be out of the swamp, their scavenging turned up little of use but was relatively peaceful until they head the sounds of automatic gunfire. They stumbled across Luke, who was fleeing from a pack of mutated nutria.

Several bullets later, the posse managed to save Luke and get rid of the hideous mutant rodents. While they were patching him up, they heard the sound of approaching pontoon boats. After being shot at by the approaching boatmen, and nearly being hit with a cannon shot from the big river boat they seemed to be associated with, the posse decided discretion was the better part of valour and hid out in the swamp til nightfall.

Once it was dark, the posse agree to fallow Luke to his boat so they could get out of Port Allen and come back with him to Nouveau Baton Rouge, AKA Red Stick. They pushed off into the dark waters of the Mississippi and started to head out across the river…


File Selected
Working… Working… Working…

[Ahem – test? Adjusting the input volume… this should work. Gotta stay quiet.

Alright, Apprentice Librarian Nova Redtree speaking, logging in at nineteen hundred hours on May twenty third, year twenty ninety four. Location is the goddamn Hell Swamps. So help me, if I didn’t have a smile permanently plastered on my face I would be in tears. Been bitten by all kinds of messed up wild life with out a spare second to double check the palmcoder for Jo’s files. I thought I remembered her having a section on this part of the land. Gotta keep the palmcoder’s existence on the down low… for some reason I feel like the pristine electronic glow of this beaut might be enough to turn at least one of my faithful compadres on me.

Been travelling with a rag tag bunch – couple ‘a muties who are none too pretty, some decidedly unsavory sorts, and the Doc himself, the one I’d been looking for. Wish there had been a file on that one, he’s a real talker. A poet more like. As in… speaks solely in poetry. We’ll see how that’ll blow over with the whole goal being to drag him back to base to get at his medical knowledge.

You know, if I didn’t know better I’d be rather lacking in the whole optimism department. I’ll be damned if I let that happen. I know way better then that. Still, singing ‘this little light of mine’ might make me feel okay on the outside, and might piss off my momentary compadres, but it’s better to sing it then to let that cold sinking feeling… alright, let’s leave that though aside for now.

Saved a local man, he’s from a settlement up the river. There are some kind of river pirates hanging around, and after we got munched on by some mutie rats we had the pleasure of being acquainted with these suckers. Now we’re waiting for the aggressors to leave so we can escape in a little dingy boat… waiting in this nasty swamp till nightfall. Shit. Daylight is almost entirely out, and I’m pretty sure I’ve been ‘making my water’ in the bush for enough time to arouse suspicion. Just going to have to wait to access Jo’s file.

Shit, goddamn. Wish I had more time – I hate flying blind.

Nova out.]

Hell or High Water

So I first hear of the library in sacremento and now I am following some lost librarian in the hell swamps. Well it could always be worse, at least I can’t feel the bug bites anymore and there are no road gangs to be seen. Not quite sure what to think of the people I travel with. Krieg the strong but quiet type have to be carefull how I share stuff with him, he seems to radiate every thing he touches. And then there is Red little more talkative old army veteran treats his gun like the most important thing on the planet , can’t say I blame him that thing is a beut Seems to be the loyal type not looking forward to when he has to give up cig’s. then there is the Doc, most capibal docter i have seen since the old TV dramas, only talks in little quips or metaphors. A very wise guy and ever helpfull. Lee wow and I thought I had been down on my luck, seems kind of scetchy like the last guys i ran with. I think I will look out for him maybe he is something else and just had a harder life then me. And of course Nova when i heard her explain the library to a random guy in the market it sounded like a paradice and I ad to hear more I hope I can get there soon it seems to be the only thing that can last on the wasted west. Ran into some mutated pack rats and saved a guy named Luke and are now headed to a secret settlement of New Baton Rouge. I can’t wait to see a real settlement have not seen one since the Smart crew destroyed the one I was in back east.

Hell or High Water
WadeL WadeL

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