The Road to Hell

The Strange Case of Dr. Delacroix

Wednesday, May 26th, 2094

When we last left our posse, they had been splashed into the water by a cannonball. Unfortunately, the blast that sent them flying into the water also sent their boat spinning several times…landing in pieces. They were out on the open water with an artillery piece still aimed at them.

With some splashing and flailing, the posse finally got themselves secure aboard the nearby ruined bridge. A cat and mouse game than began – the posse trying to take out the pirates on the boat below, while the pirates did the same to them. Red and Alt managed to kill or wound a few of the river pirates, though some of the return volley got too close for comfort. It had become a matter of desperation for the posse – with their boat destroyed, they figured their only way of getting out of there was to take one of the ones that belonged to the raiders. (Though halfway through this, Deuce took off swimming in an attempt to find some other route away)

After a couple of hours, smoke began to billow up and out of the boat – at first it was thought the boat was on fire, but it was quickly realized the pirates were trying to create a smokescreen to escape under. Realizing time was limited, Kreg took the hundred foot dive off the bridge and into the water below, climbed onto the riverboat, and massacred several pirates to seize their craft and rescue the rest of his marooned posse.

After looting the riverboat once the smoke cleared out, the posse returned to Red Stick. Sheriff Reynard wasn’t pleased about the loss of the boat, but wasn’t going to ride the posse on the issue considering what they had already done for Red Stick. That night, the posse had a drink in Sadie’s Saloon and then got some rest…

But something else also happened during the night – another disappearance, this one Frank Covarrubias, who had been drinking at the saloon just the previous night. The posse got together and decided to set out to investigate the Baton Rouge Municipal Hospital. Mr. Tinsdale offered to get some gear together for them, and to send Joe Ratliff along to guide them once again.

When the posse got down to their boat, they found that Luke had been sent to guide them instead, and he showed off the cache of equipment Tinsdale had collected before setting off. Along the way, the posse was attacked by more bloated corpses trying to pull them into the water, and although both Nova and Deuce got pulled into the drink, fairly shortly the bloats were driven off and everyone was safe.

It only took a few hours to find BRMH, and sure enough, outside of it they found the craft belonging to the missing recyclers, with an air hose disappearing down into the lower floors of the hospital. Also in the boat, they found a couple of shotguns and an old handheld camcorder. Perhaps wisely, the posse decided to check out the floor nearest to the waterline first. Once they clambered inside, they found a nurse’s station with an intact computer, which Alt was able to rig up to play the data slug from the camcorder…

The screen flickered to life and showed footage of an autopsy being performed by one Dr. Delacroix – the same name that the posse had been finding on the toe tags of the walking dead. The horrifying part was that Delacroix appeared to both be both the person performing the autopsy and its subject. Thankfully the camera dropped to the floor before too much could be seen, but the doctor’s screams as he carved himself open went on for almost two hours of recording time. Near the conclusion of his operation, the screen began to shake, and it quickly became apparent that wherever the doctor was, it was suffering from an earthquake. Water flooded into the room, quickly submersing the camera, the footage ending not long after.


Took another dip in that God forsaken hell swamp, today….. killed more pirates. Don’t really know why I do it, just feels right. Maybe I’m not the right person for the job, what would Trish think…. aw Trish. These people seem to be able to hold there own, but I always seem to have to pull someone out of the fire. First that damned monster on the river boat, and then zombies… that Nova needs to take better care of herself, can’t say I don’t mind helping. It’s just one day the docs not gonna be there for her and…. and, no…. I’m not going to let her die like Trish…. well guess we’re stuck her in this hospital, best get a move on.

The Strange Case of Dr. Delacroix

Note to self: the next time our party of misfits agrees to a job, make sure the payment does not go to Red in the form of valuable bullets. I am pretty sure he spent more than we earned on the pirate job.

I am not sure how to take the events shown on the video recording. On one hand, it is fascinating how magic can compel a person to endure such pain. I suspect magic had a hand but have insufficient education to say for certain. On the other hand, self-torture is disgusting and it took a considerable amount of my will to remain objective and medically analyze what was happening.

There is little question in my mind that magic was involved. I suspect it has clung to this hospital for some time and continues to do so even now. It was no coincidence that the hospital flooded at the end of the self-mutilation and the walking dead have an affinity for water. The toe-tags are a clear puzzle piece.

Dark magic surrounds us. We must endure in our own way. I hope Red does not die in the inevitable struggle. We could lose what little of our pay that remains in his ammunition packs, if he were to fall in an irrecoverable situation.

The Strange Case of Dr. Delacroix

I am an idiot, lost a boat and got everyone stuck on the overpass. Still don’t know how I was able to swim through the water with my pack(tools and all) but was unable to help others. But I will never doubt Kreig when the chips are down he will do whatever it takes. I have never bore witness to a olympic worthy dive followed by the 100 yard stab. The Doc disapeared for a while but then showed up without a word. It’s good to see that that is cleared up but as luck would have it someone was grabed by a zombie in the night after the crap with the riverboat. Nova’s doing better that’s always good news. Explaned to Lee the reason I would kill him if he attempted to modify his shotgun. Looking forward to testing the solar panel we found. For the town we are heading to the hospital to retreive the town’s diving gear but I think we will look around I would hate to think if we don’t do something before the zombies destroy Baton Rouge slowly.

The Strange Case of Dr. Delacroix

Working… Working… Working…

[Assistant Librarian Nova Redtree reporting that I’m feeling a lot better, and I’m back on my feet. It’s been a little while since I’ve been resting, and now the posse is home from their mission to total off that pirate’s boat. It sounds like it went okay, save for the loss of the engine of the boat that the kind folks here lent them. Sounds like people are working together increasingly well. Maybe my party isn’t as rag tag as I thought. I mean, I feel like it’s never to soon just to drop my guard, but at least they’re not as nasty as Jorah and his crew. Pack of mercenaries. Took me a couple weeks to find a way to duck out of that shit storm. At least with this crew I can sort of sleep without betting on a bullet being drilled through my head.

Well. Maybe through my shoulder. I swear, if Lee pegs me with another bullet I’m going to break somethin’ fierce. Still haven’t decided how I feel on that one.

So, Red tells me we’re going to hit up the hospital… Doc thinks I should come. I hope I’m up to snuff, ‘cause even if there isn’t a main creepy crawly messing shit up over there, I’m sure there will be all kinds of other unpleasant things waiting to take advantage of my battered state. I think I’ll hang back with the Doc this time…

I’ll be hiding the palmcorder till I come back – if I croak I’ll try to set up a way to get some one to return it home to sweet sweet Sacramento.

Nova out. Wish us luck!]

The Strange Case of Dr. Delacroix
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